Sermon, Sunday May 11, 2014

I stopped by a friend’s place a week ago. I met this guy on my first day of kindergarten. That’s a long time ago. I remember being eager to fit in and have friends back then. Jeff was a welcome answer to my anxiety. Things don’t change much. You might even show up at church wondering if there could be a friend, maybe even a good friend, here for you. That longing is a God-given desire. Thankfully our Father also knows how to meet those desires. Take a chance and say ‘hello’ to someone new!


Sermon, May 11, 2014 – Andrew Allison 1 Samuel 20


 Bulletin May 11, 2014

Study Questions: 1 Samuel 20

  1. Chapter 20 tells the story about a friendship going through hard times. Tell of a time when a friend walked with you through tough times.
  2. Describe how Jonathan worked to keep David safe.
  3. What is a covenant? How does it work? Share with each other what you understand about covenants. Could you see yourself ever making a covenant with someone else?
  4. David and Jonathan wept at their separation. Why do some of us have difficulty expressing some of our emotions?
  5. God gave us friendship as a gift. What is one thing that you can take from the passage to enrich a friendship you have right now?




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