Sermon, Sunday June 15, 2014

Revenge, getting even, a dish best served cold, unforgiving … call it what you want. It’s a balance sheet, or a calculation we have inside us that tells us that someone owes us or that they’ve got something coming to them.  They are going to get what they deserve and that puts a smile on our face.  In Chapter 24 David has a delicious opportunity to settle the score.  Saul was literally a sitting duck… and yet some other kinds of ‘math’ took over in David.  Funny thing how when God rescues a person He also rewrites our math, our minds, and our hearts.




Sermon June 15, 2014 – Andrew Allison 1 Samuel 24

Bulletin June 15, 2014

Study Questions 1 Samuel 24

  1. Have you ever had a clean shot at revenge?  What did you do with it?
  2. David spares Saul’s life because he was ‘the LORD’s anointed’. What does that mean?
  3. Explain the game behind David cutting off a corner of Saul’s robe.  Why would he be conscience-stricken by that?
  4. Saul acknowledges that David is ‘more righteous’ than he was and even that David would be king one day.  Saul knows better but he acts on his feelings not on what he knows to true.  Have you ever had a time like that in your life?  Tell the story.
  5. Saul goes home but David stays in the wilderness.  Showing mercy doesn’t mean leaving yourself exposed to more hurt.  Have you ever had to protect yourself in a relationship?  Explain.


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