Sermon, Sunday October 5, 2014

2thessalonians1_3-leavesAt times, people quit the church. They may blame the church for not meeting their needs, but there is often more to the story.

Loving Jesus isn’t like being a fan of vanilla ice cream, a preference that makes itself known every two weeks when you place your order at the ice cream shop. Loving Jesus is all-encompassing and changes your love life, your bank account and the way you do your job. Quitting seems to be at an all time high in every arena as people just don’t want the hard work of sticking with something, but it’s probably not, it’s probably always been like this.

That’s why Paul wrote a 2nd letter to his new friends imploring them not to quit.

Bulletin October 5, 2014

Sermon, October 5, 2014 – Andrew Allison 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12

Sermon Study Questions – 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12

  1. Take time to notice in each others’ lives evidence of growing in faith, loving others more or standing up through persecution. Encourage each other with your observations.
  2. The second reason Paul gave for believers to stick with their faith was that God was coming back to judge us all. And in particular, bring justice to those who created trouble for the Christians. In what way is the Judgment of God good news?
  3. Many of us are sick of ourselves. We hate our repeated failure and cranky attitude. Paul doesn’t overlook that but he does assure them that the tiniest desire for good is brought to fruition by the living God. What desires for good are in you these days?
  4. Paul finishes with grace again. Remind each other of how strong God’s grace is in your life.

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