Sermon, Sunday November 2, 2014

A prayer for your week:

“The way You have laid open before me is an easy way, compared with the hard way of my own will which leads back to Egypt and to bricks without straw.

If You allow people to praise me, I shall not worry.  If You allow them to blame me, I shall worry even less. If You send me work, I shall embrace it with joy.  It will be rest to me because it is Your will.  If You send me rest, I will rest in You.  Only save me from myself!  Save me from my own, private, poisonous urge to change everything, to act without reason, to move for movement’s sake, to unsettle everything that You have ordained.

Let me rest in Your will and be silent.  Then the light of Your joy will warm my life”.

Amen and Amen

(Thomas Merton)

Bulletin, November 2, 2014

Sermon, November 2, 2014 – Liz Honeyford Jonah 1

Sermon Series Questions

Jonah 1

  1. Where did the idea of going to Nineveh come from?  Have you ever had a word from God for your life?
  2. God was going to do something wonderful for the people of Nineveh and in Jonah’s heart, but Jonah ran away.  Have you run away from what God is planning in your life?
  3. God does not let Jonah go.  Talk about how God has pursued you throughout your life.
  4. Jonah’s disobedience put other people in danger.  There was much damage.  Has your disobedience hurt others?  God steps in and saves everyone.  Share how God stepped in your life to protect others.

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