Sermon, Sunday December 21, 2014

I’m liking the sound of, “good news of great joy” these days. We have a knack for finding and reporting bad news and we’re not so alert to good news.  Bad news generates fear;  fear that the virus will spread to us, fear that our neighbour is constructing a bomb in his garage, fear that the economic downturn is going to affect the value of our home. Fear is like a snowball that starts rolling at the top of a mountain… it grows in a hurry!  God knows all this about us so NOT surprisingly, the angel announced to the shepherds, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.”

Great Joy!

Bulletin, Sunday December 21, 2014

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Sermon, December 21, 2014 – Andrew Allison Luke 2:1-15

Sermon Study Questions: Luke 2:1-15

  1. Do a quick ‘smart phone’ search on Caesar Augustus. Describe his accomplishments and character.  Who might be a modern day Caesar?
  2. What do you know about ancient shepherds? Guess (or Google) together a picture that might describe them and their lives. Who might be modern day shepherds?
  3. What is the impact of God inviting shepherds to His birth?
  4. Put some phrases and pictures together that help you understand, “good news of great joy.” How is good news and great joy making itself known in your life these days?
  5. The angels break into chorus, “Glory to God and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.” Why is it so important that God gets the glory and why is it so essential that God give peace to human beings?

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