Sermon, Sunday February 1, 2015

I don’t remember my Dad and I having long meaningful conversations. What I do remember was that he always finished every phone call or visit with, “I love you.” That was tough to hear when I was a teen. I’m sure there were years when I was too cool to say, “I love you” back, but he persisted. Whether it was from his wheelchair or hospital bed, last words were always, “I love you.” Not a bad legacy to leave with your kid.

Bulletin, February 1, 2015


Sermon, February 1, 2015 – Andrew Allison John 5

Sermon Questions

Read: John 5 

  1. Name some of the people in your life you feel safe with. What makes them safe people for you?
  2. Without a doubt Jesus means to win your trust. Why is it so important that a human being trust in Jesus? What does ‘trusting Jesus’ actually look like?
  3. In this passage, Jesus points to evidence of who he is and why he’s trustworthy. Identify the different evidence he cites.
  4. Which piece of evidence do you find most convincing? If you struggle to believe, where does the evidence break down for you?
  5. One compelling verse is the one in which Jesus claims that the Father loves him. That seems to be soul-settling truth for Him. Do you have any sense that God loves you? Explain.

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