Sermon, Sunday February 22, 2015

Philip Yancey tells the disturbing story of a conversation he had with a mother who had become so addicted to drugs that she did some things to her children that are too awful to put in print here.

Horrified, Yancey asked, “Why didn’t you come to the church for help?”  She responded, “The church? I already felt bad enough!”

Ouch.  Why do people at their worst run from the church instead of running to the church? One thing is for certain; the woman in today’s story was safest when she stood closest to Jesus. 

Bulletin, February 22, 2015

go and sin no more


Sermon, Sunday February 22, 2015

Sermon Study Questions: John 8

  1. Describe a time when you were at your lowest. Was there anyone who stood beside you?
  2. Jesus doesn’t change the Law. He doesn’t say, “these sorts of sins are common now, we just need to get with the times.”  He upholds the Law but then applies the stronger law of grace.  How does that kind of grace help your thinking and living in an increasingly permissive society?
  3. Do you think that it’s significant that the ‘oldest religious leaders’ were the first to leave the stoning circle?
  4. Why is the order of Jesus’ words, “I don’t condemn you”, followed by, “leave your life of sin”, so important to the woman’s soul?
  5. Do you need to hear, “I don’t condemn you”, from God on a specific matter in your life? Is there someone in your life that needs you to show them John 8 kind of grace?


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