Sermon, Sunday March 15, 2015

A counselor once said he’d lose 70% of his patients if people just had one good friend. Ouch! That hurts. The Bible agrees with that counselor and might set that percentage even higher. It’s not that the Bible has a definition of friendship so much, just many stories of it. Jonathan & David, Ruth & Naomi, Elizabeth & Mary, Paul & Barnabas, just for starters. But human friends fail at times; we’ve come to expect that. The Bible says that, “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

That’s close! Would you like to meet that friend?


Bulletin March 15, 2015


Sermon, Sunday March 15 – Andrew Allison John 11

Sermon Study Questions: John 11

1.  Think of a good friend. What makes that person your friend? What is the evidence of friendship?

2.  The sisters tell Jesus, “the one you love is sick.” John points out that “Jesus loved Martha, her sister and Lazarus.” Use your imagination; what might have been

the evidence for those two declarations? What do you think moved the family from being pew-sitters (actually, synagogue attenders) to being beloved by Jesus?

3.  Scour the passage to find out what friendship with Jesus might include. Compile a list. Does this make you interested in a friendship with Jesus?

4.  Why does Jesus use both terms; the resurrection and the life? Are they two different claims or the same thing? What does it mean that Jesus doesn’t just point

towards these two but is both of them?

5.  Just for interest, who are you more like, Mary or Martha? Why do you see yourself that way?

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