Sermon, Sunday March 22, 2015

Lord, You are My Shepherd
I have everything I need.
You make me lay down in green pastures
You lead me beside quiet
You restore my soul and lead in down right paths.
Even in dark and death places
I won’t be afraid
because You are with me.
Your rod and staff comfort me
You prepare a table for me even though
we are surrounded by the enemy.
You make my cup full, it runs over
You annoint me with oil.
In this I am confident,
Your goodness and mercy surround me
all my days on earth
and for eternity I will dwell with You.

Bulletin March 22, 2015


Sermon, Sunday March 22, 2015 – Liz Honeyford John 12

Sermon Study Questions – John 12

  1. vs 7 If the perfume was for Jesus’ burial, why did Mary use it up during this visit?
  2. Scriptures from the Old Testament are used in John 12. How does our understanding of the Old Testament help us to know Jesus now?  vs 8, 13, 15, 38, 40
  3. vs 17 Many people sought out Jesus because He performed a miraculous sign by raising Lazarus from the dead. Have you ever experienced a miraculous sign from Jesus?  What has drawn you to Him?
  4. vs 20 When the Greeks sought out Jesus, Jesus said ’the hour has come to be glorified’. Why this response? What is Jesus talking about?
  5. vs 25 What does it mean to ‘hate’ your life? And, how can we serve Jesus?
  6. vs 29 Why could not some people hear the sound as God’s voice?
  7. vs 43 Describe times when we love human praise more than praise from God. How can we seek to glorify God?

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