Sermon, Sunday April 5, 2015

Planet earth is home to some powerful words. There are sentences that have the power to change your life like, “I forgive you” or, “Will you marry me?” or, “It’s a girl!” or, “the cancer is gone!”

Powerful stuff and life changing for sure. But, those are not world-changing words; your world perhaps, but not all of ours.

There is one sentence that changes the whole world and one day will be the words that set off a global and cosmic transformation. That sentence? The most powerful words in any language? Christ is Risen.


Bulletin, Sunday April 5, 2015

Sermon, Sunday April 5, 2015 – Andrew Allison John 20

Sermon Study Questions: John 20

  1. What does Resurrection mean and why is it so important to Christians?
  2. What evidence did John see of resurrection? Describe it’s impact on him.
  3. What did Mary experience of resurrection and how did it change her?
  4. Recount the details of resurrection for Thomas and describe his reaction.
  5. How has Jesus’ resurrection and our shared hope of a coming Resurrection made changes in your life?

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