Sermon, Sunday April 19, 2015

“Therefore, remember, do not look to others or to the reasoning of the wise, but keep yourself where you have felt the Lord visit you that he may visit you again and again – every day – teaching you more and more the way to his dwelling place, drawing you near to the place where there is righteousness, life, rest, and peace – forever.”   -Isaac Penington

Bulletin, Sunday April 19, 2015


Sermon, Sunday April 19, 2015 – Liz Honeyford John 14

Sermon Study Questions: John 14

Vs 1

What happened immediately before Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled”?  How do you deal with your anxiety, stress and fear?

Vs 10

Is the Father accomplishing His Kingdom purposes in your life each day?  How can we be open to this happening?

Vs 12 to 14

What kind of prayers does Jesus answer?  If you read vs 12, does this help explain why some of our prayers are not answered?

Vs 21, 23

How do we love God? Is this kind of love about feelings alone?

Vs 26  

What is your experience with the Holy Spirit?  Recount times when He taught you from scripture or other ways.

Vs 30  

What does it mean that the prince of this world has no hold on Jesus?  Do we need to fear the prince of this world?

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