Sermon, Sunday April 26, 2015

I got cut from the Junior Boys football team in grade 9. The coach told me I was too small. At 5’2″ I didn’t measure up.  On the spot, my life long dream of being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys was dashed. That was the first time I remember not measuring up,  and it wasn’t the last. When matters of  physical height became less important, other matters like how smart I was, what school would accept me, which girls liked me (more to the point, didn’t like me!) all became the new measurable that I would fail to reach. Jesus knows the human reality of failing to measure up and has just the thing to make things right.

Bulletin, April 26, 2015


Sermon, Sunday April 26, 2015 – Andrew Allison, John 15

Sermon Study Questions: John 15

  1. Describe a time when you didn’t measure up.
  2. Was there a time when you felt ‘set free’ from trying to measure up?
  3. What is the fruit that God intends to grow in and through us?
  4. Identify an opportunity this coming week in which you’ll have the chance to ‘lay down your life’ out of love for those around you.
  5. What does Jesus mean by, ‘the world will hate you’? Have you ever experienced that because you belong to Jesus?

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