Sermon, Sunday May 3, 2015

The things we can’t see on this planet may be the most powerful. We can see bulldozers and elephants and airplanes, and those are pretty powerful; but how about gravity or fear or love? We can’t see these things, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, we might agree, they are even more powerful than the first list.

Believers point to One even more powerful; the God revealed to us in Jesus. Nothing and no one is more powerful than this One we have yet to lay eyes on. Fortunately, He knows the struggle of believing without seeing and to those who struggle he speaks one word: Peace!

Bulletin, Sunday May 3, 2015


Sermon, Sunday May 3, 2015 – Andrew Allison John 16

Sermon Study Questions: John 16

  1. Tell of a time when you fell away or were close to falling away from trusting Jesus?
  2. Early believers were tossed out of the synagogue, which would be like getting kicked out of your family. Have you ever faced strong opposition for your faith from your family?
  3. Using verses 8-11 & 13, describe what the Holy Spirit does.
  4. Jesus spoke of a ‘joy that no one can take away’ (v. 22). What do you know of that joy?
  5. Jesus tells us that we will have trouble in this world but also that we’re to ‘take heart’ because he has overcome the world. (v. 33) How are you doing at ‘taking heart’?

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