Sermon, Sunday May 24, 2015

Truth is a slippery subject these days. Truth changes depending on who we’re talking to.  We hire lawyers to ‘massage’ the truth so that it works in our favour. Politicians say one thing to the camera and something quite different behind closed doors. Preachers can be the worst at this! The great fear is saying something that might offend. So the truth is set aside in order to say something more appealing to everyone. Truth doesn’t seem to matter to many people.

However, truth matters to Jesus. It turns out that truth isn’t a thing, it isn’t a list of correct statements, it’s a person.

Jesus is the truth.

Bulletin, Sunday May 24, 2015

Truth Matters

Sermon, May 24, 2015 – Andrew Allison John 18

Sermon Study Questions: John 18

  1. The soldiers ‘fall back’ when they come to arrest Jesus; twice they fall back. Why do you think that happened? A servant girl spooks Peter. With all the other disciples listening in, Peter vows loyalty to the death and just four hours later he’s lying to a school girl to save his skin. Why do you think that happened?
  2. Pilate wanted some answers about crime and guilt from Jesus, but Jesus wanted to talk about truth with Pilate. What did Jesus have to say about truth?
  3. Pilate doesn’t have time for a truth chat. How do people get so disillusioned with the truth?
  4. How might trusting Jesus change the way you speak, live and value the truth in your every day living?

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