Sermon, Sunday June 21, 2015

Today is the longest growing day of the year! There won’t be a day with more daylight in 2015, than today. When we moved to Leaskdale 20 years ago I didn’t know that all cattle weren’t just called ‘cows’ and I couldn’t figure out how the rooster got around to all those chickens so they could lay their eggs every night. Now I’m practically rural! Seems like a good time to dive into Jesus’ parable about a wise farmer’s field and how an enemy tried to ruin it.

Bulletin Sunday June 21, 2015


Sermon, Sunday June 21, 2015 – Andrew Allison, Matthew 13:24-43

Sermon Study Questions:

Matthew 13: 24-43

  1. V. 24 says that the farmer sowed good seed in his field. What evidence do you see that God created a good earth?
  2. v. 25 says that an enemy sowed weeds among the wheat. What evidence do you see that there is an enemy at work trying to ruin God’s good earth?
  3. God tells the angels not to ‘go weeding’ because they’ll ruin the good crop. Describe a time when you wanted to (or did) ‘go weeding’ and yanked at the weeds in some person or situation. How did that work out?
  4. What might it mean in your life right now for you to follow the wise farmer’s advice and ‘let both the weeds and the wheat grow together’?
  5. v.41-42 talk specifically about God’s judgement at the end of time. What consolations and desolations do you have about that coming event?

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