Sermon, Sunday July 12, 2015

July 1st, 2015 marked 20 years of ministry for the Allisons at St. Paul’s Leaskdale! So before we go on vacation (starting at 12:05 today!) we just wanted to say THANKS to you all for being such an awesome church and for putting up with us (putting up with Andrew at least) for the past 20 years.
With much gratitude and affection!
The Allisons
Sermon Study Questions:
  1. Some people seem to ‘fall into’ Jesus (they weren’t really looking!)  and others seem to be on a lifelong pursuit of ‘something greater’. Do either of those describe you? How?
  2. In what ways could Jesus be experienced as ‘discovered treasure?’
  3. What point might Jesus be making in saying that the man had to ‘sell all he had’  to get the treasure
  4. How could a person sell all they had and do it “with joy”? Do you know this kind of joy?

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