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Gratitude. In Canada, we lack for nothing.  Even the poorest among us have access to the basic necessities of life. At the very least, we have clean, drinkable water at the turn of a lever. Yet, arguably, we take all of this for granted.  In our quest to fulfill the sentiments inherent in the popular slogan YOLO (you only live once) we often fail to appreciate the privileged life we live.  A privileged life that was made possible simply because we were randomly born in Canada, a fate over which we had no control. Going to the Dominican Republic, I was humbled by the continual demonstrations of gratitude.  In every session of the conference, gratitude abounded.  From the opening assembly, to the closing celebration, the educators gave thanks, both to God and to each other for the blessings of life.  As a relatively-indulged, minimally-traveled Canadian, I was humbled by this continual display from people who have so much less than I have.  From this experience I have gained a greater appreciation for the abundance that is ours.  Furthermore, my hope is that I will remember this for a very long time, and that I will always be grateful. -by Elaine Warburton.


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