Sermon, Sunday August 30, 2015

Galatians 2:1-10

What is Central? (The Message)

1-5 Fourteen years after that first visit, Barnabas and I went up to Jerusalem and took Titus with us. I went to clarify with them what had been revealed to me. At that time I placed before them exactly what I was preaching to the non-Jews. I did this in private with the leaders, those held in esteem by the church, so that our concern would not become a controversial public issue, marred by ethnic tensions, exposing my years of work to denigration and endangering my present ministry. Significantly, Titus, non-Jewish though he was, was not required to be circumcised. While we were in conference we were infiltrated by spies pretending to be Christians, who slipped in to find out just how free true Christians are. Their ulterior motive was to reduce us to their brand of servitude. We didn’t give them the time of day. We were determined to preserve the truth of the Message for you.

6-10 As for those who were considered important in the church, their reputation doesn’t concern me. God isn’t impressed with mere appearances, and neither am I. And of course these leaders were able to add nothing to the message I had been preaching. It was soon evident that God had entrusted me with the same message to the non-Jews as Peter had been preaching to the Jews. Recognizing that my calling had been given by God, James, Peter, and John—the pillars of the church—shook hands with me and Barnabas, assigning us to a ministry to the non-Jews, while they continued to be responsible for reaching out to the Jews. The only additional thing they asked was that we remember the poor, and I was already eager to do that.



Sermon, Sunday August 30, 2015 – Andrew Allison Galatians 2v1-10

Sermon Questions: Galatians 2:1-10

  1. Paul went to Jerusalem to ‘confirm the gospel’. Write down your understanding of the gospel and share with the group.
  2. Titus was a test for Christian leaders in Jerusalem. Describe the test and what was at stake.
  3. There was great pressure to conform the gospel (change it) to suit, in this case, Jewish culture. What pressures are there today to change the gospel to suit our culture?
  4. Paul wants to take any pedestal away from the apostles, “those held in high esteem”. What’s behind that? Does he disrespect them or is something else at stake?
  5. All the Christians agree on ‘remembering the poor’. What does that look like in your life right now?​