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Sermon, Sunday September 6, 2015

September is here! School is starting back up, nights are getting colder and we found our first red and orange leaf this week—fall is approaching! We are entering a new season here at St. Paul’s as well.  Each fall we put together an information session to let you know what’s going on around here and ways you can get connected.  On Sunday, September 20  between services, we will meet in the gym for coffee, conversation, AND you will have the opportunity to look around at various displays showing you ways you can get involved in and around St Paul’s this year. We hope you will join us!


Bulletin, Sunday Sept 6, 2015


Sermon, Sunday September 6, 2015 – Liz Honeyford Galatians 2:11-21

Sermon Study Question: Galatians 2:11-21

  1. Jesus, is there any compromise in my life?
  2. Any hypocrisy within me?
  3. Any area of my life where I believe one thing but live out another?
  4. Jesus, in what area do my insides and outsides not match?
  5. Jesus, where am I denying You as the everything of God?
  6. Jesus, what lie about You most impacts my relationship with You?
  7. Jesus, is there anything in my religious upbringing that leads me to judge others?
  8. Is there any activity I do out of my own strength or belief system that substitutes Your life and Spirit within me?

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