Sermon, Sunday September 13, 2015

Sometimes it must seem to the world that the church has its head in the sand.  Or maybe more like we’re a couple of kids fighting in the back of the van about which DVD to watch, oblivious to the fact that Dad is up front trying to drive through a molten lava field.

On a planet where terrorism, pollution and refugees have us paralyzed, the church wants to argue about whether God is honoured by our pained efforts or by our trusting Him.  Seems like misspent energy.

Turns out the answer to that question is the same answer to all the questions and struggles that threaten to paralyze us.



Bulletin, Sunday September 13, 2015

Sermon, Sunday September 13, 2015

Sermon Questions:  Galatians 3:1-14

  1. Make a list of the people you trust and the people you don’t trust. Look at the list and work to determine why those names are on each of those lists.
  2. Amazingly, God wants to be trusted. “You believed what you heard”, Paul commends the Galatians in v. 2. When has it been easy to trust God in your life and when has it been difficult?
  3. Human beings have a hard time trusting God, we’re  a suspicious lot. If a person doesn’t trust God on matters like life and love and death and hope then who do they trust?
  4. What does it mean for Jesus to have ‘become a curse’ for us? Does that impact you in any way?
  5. v. 14 says, “He redeemed us”, which means He bought you back or restored full value back to you. Tell the others if or how that rings true in your life.

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