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Sermon, Sunday January 3, 2016

Today we begin to study the last book of the Bible, John’s Revelation. Many have tried to understand this book but have walked away more confused than before. Others have calculated every word as though they were a chemical formula only to their predictions blow up in their face. They shake their heads and go back to their calculators. But for those who will take time to listen, really listen, to God’s agenda and not their own, these words will bear out refreshingly true.

Let the one who has ears, listen!



Sermon Series Questions: Revelation 1:1-11

  1. The Revelation has to do with ‘what must soon take place’, referring to what happens at the end of time. What do you believe happens at the end of time?
  2. Have you ever tried to read John’s Revelation before? How did that go? What challenges did you face?
  3. Verse 3 says that a person is blessed if they read the words of this book and if they ‘take them to heart’. What does ‘take them to heart’ look like?
  4. The prophetic words begin with “Grace and peace”, what tone does that set for the rest of the book?
  5. Who was John and what he doing on the island of Patmos?
  6. Scale of 1 to 10, how much to you read, trust and obey the words of the Bible?

Bulletin, Sunday January 3, 2016


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