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Sermon, Sunday January 10, 2016

My youth group went on winter retreat  and played a game of pond hockey. One of the girls in our group, Lynn, was a good hockey player and she was one of those playing when a stranger joined them. The game went on for a couple of hours, the stranger left and Lynn’s father ran up to her and told her the stranger was Paul Henderson, the star player who had scored the winning goals in game 6, 7 & 8 of the 1972 Summit Series with the U.S.S.R.. Lynn’s response? “I thought he was pretty good.”


Sermon Study Questions: Revelation 1:12-20

John thought he knew Jesus, humble carpenter, miracle worker, resurrected Lord, but on this Lord’s Day, he saw Jesus for all of who He is.

  1. Describe a time where you thought you knew someone but one day stumbled upon evidence that showed you a whole new side of them you’d never known before.
  2. As a group, study phrase by phrase through verse 13-16, beginning with the phrase ‘son of man’ and recall any other Bible stories that may come to mind. A concordance may be helpful.  Explain why the Hebrew mind would find this image of Jesus so hopeful.
  3. The image was more than hopeful for John, it was too much, he passed out from fear! Why is it that heavenly visitors always have to begin their announcements to human beings with “Don’t be afraid.”? Can you recall any other stories in the Bible where a heavenly visitor begins; “Don’t be afraid”?
  4. Is there a matter in your life right now where you need to trust Jesus’ words “Don’t be afraid”?
  5. What is the power and impact of v. 18? Does that call for an attitude shift in you today?
  6. Is there some significance to the fact that Jesus chooses to reveal himself all-capable “among the golden lampstands’, from within the failing 7 churches to whom he’s about to speak?

Bulletin, January 10, 2016

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