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Sermon, Sunday January 17, 2016

Colleen and I always smile at perfect family Christmas letters… “Our son is studying at Harvard and our daughter is the leading eye surgeon in North America. Bob and I married into bliss and every year its only gotten better.”
We talk about what it would be like to get an honest letter from a family one year, “The counsellor says its 50/50 whether our marriage will last, none of our kids are in jail this year! And, I still haven’t lost the 50 pounds I put on from that cruise we went on last Christmas…”

honest Christmas Card

Bulletin, January 17, 2016

Sermon Study Questions: Revelation 2:1-17

What would it be like to get honest correspondence?  Read Revelation 2&3! Jesus wrote 7 letters to 7 churches and He loved them enough to be honest.

  1. Why would the LORD of the universe take the time to write specific letters to 7 mostly unknown churches?
  2. There’s a pattern to these 7 letters. There’s a unique introduction of the speaker, then encouragement for the things going well, correction for things not going well and then a promise or motivation to stick with it. Make a chart of the three churches this week.  What stands out to you?
  3. What does it mean to ‘overcome’ or ‘be victorious’?
  4. The Ephesians do many things well but are charged with ‘losing their first love’. What does that look like? How would they get that back? What’s the threat if they don’t?
  5. How big of a deal is it to get ‘the right to eat from the tree of life”?
  6. “Whoever has ears to hear…” Hearing seems to matter deeply to God, why might that be?

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