Good to Know ...

Sermon, Sunday February 7, 2016


To see God on His throne,

high and lifted up.

There is not a problem we face

as a church that cannot be

answered in some way by worship.

Every crisis of faith, every trial of our soul

can find healing in knowing

that God is in control,

that He reigns and that He rules.



Bulletin, Sunday February 7, 2016

Sermon Study Questions: Revelation 4&5

  1.  In the past few weeks we have looked deeper into the letters that were written to the 7 churches. What is going on in heaven in chapters 4&5? What is the focal point of this event?
  2. What does a throne represent? Why might the 7 churches need this reminder? Why might we need this reminder?
  3. In the previous chapters we see the diagnosis of the state of the church – everything that is threatening the health and vitality of the church. What is Jesus’ prescription that He gives to John? How can we apply that corporately as well as individually?
  4. Consider the way John describes God. Does anything stand out to you about this description?
  5. Compare the 5 ‘songs’ recorded in these 2 chapters. How are they different? Does anything stand out to you about these songs and the response of those in heaven?
  6. How can a renewed focus on worship have an impact on our day-to-day living?