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Sermon, Sunday February 14, 2016

One of the better reasons to not believe in God is the problem of evil. The argument goes something like, “I’ve got problems in my life and God is supposed to be loving. If there was a God, and that God was loving, then I wouldn’t have problems in my life.”scroll and seal

The Bible can seem strangely silent on the matter. Revelation 6 however, is not silent about evil; having established the greater Story of history–the deserving worship of Jesus–evil is addressed in due order.

Turns out the existence of evil is one of the better reasons to believe in Jesus, who is God.


Bulletin Sunday February 14, 2016

Sermon Study Questions: Revelation 6&7

  1. Describe the ways that evil has shaped your life.
  2. The 2nd horseman robs the world of peace. What evidence do you see of that in our time?
  3. The 3rd horseman messes with the value that things have, cheap things are called precious and precious things are deemed worthless. What evidence do you see of that in our time?
  4. The 4th horseman is Death. It’s job is well known. How has death affected your life?
  5. The 1st horseman rides a white horse and is a conqueror, he’s Jesus!  What power is there in the fact that he is the first horseman and not, say, the last?
  6. Evil is a current (but temporary) reality. Part of God’s answer to the evil is the Church (Ch. 7 the sealed servants of God)! What does it mean the church is part of God’s response to evil?


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