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Sermon, Sunday March 6, 2016

The Bible is relentless in telling us that we’re in a battle.  A great Mutiny has happened ‘in the heavenlies’, the archangel Lucifer tried  to take the Throne and the spill over from that greed has landed on our little blue-green planet.

It all seems overly-dramatic unless you tune into a news feed or read a newspaper. Stories of the weak being preyed upon, of authority corrupted and people going ‘postal’ are evidence of a sinister force at work on God’s good earth. As they used to say,”Gird up your loins, prepare for battle!”

Bulletin, Sunday March 6, 2016

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Sermon Study Questions: Revelation 12-14

  1. Ch. 12-14 paints the picture of a great battle between the Dragon and the Lamb. Do you think all the Bible battle language is a little over the top? Why isn’t it enough that we, planet earth, just all try to get along?
  2. Describe the images that reveal the strategy of the Dragon. Use verses to help you describe the way of the Lamb.
  3. In what ways are you aware of this battle in your life? Where do you feel the pressure to conform to the Dragon’s power? Where are you choosing the way of the Lamb?
  4. How do each of the phrases of 12:11 shape our Christian life?
  5. A couple of times Christians are encouraged into ‘patient endurance’ and ‘remaining faithful to Jesus’. Take time in your group to encourage each other like this, especially on matters in your lives where you want to quit.