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Sermon, March 13, 2016

“It gets worse before it gets better!” Small consolation for those who are suffering. For those going to the dentist or working through a difficult patch in a relationship, “it gets worse” is a painful truth. Except that, one day, it will be better.

Revelation 15-18 is a hard patch … a scary caution to anyone who wants to run with evil. But it is also encouragement to those who believe, even though it gets worse for awhile, it will get better. God’s promise!

Bulletin March 13, 2016

it will get better

Sermon Series Questions: Revelation 15-18

  1. These are heavy chapters. Why might God include verse after verse of such strong messages of judgement?
  2. (16:1-9) The first 4 plagues play out on the land, in the sea, rivers and the sun. Do you think there’s any grounds for understanding this, in part, as God’s push back through the environment for all the human mistreatment over the years?
  3. Read 16:9 & 11. Why do many humans refuse to repent?
  4. How do you explain the wrath of God with the love of God? Can you put it in words that your neighbour would understand?
  5. in 17:16  The beast turns on the prostitute. In the end evil turns on evil. Have you ever seen that happen, perhaps on a smaller scale?



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