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Sermon, Sunday May 8, 2016

Condemned is a powerful word. A house that has been condemned is no longer safe to live in. It has no more value as a dwelling. A criminal who is condemned to be executed knows that there’s nothing but his last meal and a long hallway between him and his last breath.
He has no more value to society and the world except to be used as a final, horrific, example. I know of no more hopeless word in the English language than ‘condemned’. Despite all our culture’s ‘be a better you’ chatter, many in our time, deep down, feel condemned. There was lots of condemnation being flung around one day in Jerusalem, right in the Temple courts.

Bulletin May 8, 2016



Sermon Study Questions: John 8:1-9

  1. If condemned also means ‘judged, reviled, rebuked and berated’ recall a time when you felt ‘condemned’ by others or perhaps, by yourself.
  2. Explain the game behind the question posed to Jesus. Why is he in a no win situation either way?
  3. What do you think he wrote in the sand?
  4. Describe the third option that Jesus spins in the story?
  5. What would it look like to be a ‘third option’ community?
  6. Is there something powerful about Jesus waiting until no-one else was around before he told her to, “Go now and leave your life of sin.”?


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