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Sermon, Sunday July 17, 2016

“Albert Einstein called our feelings of separateness ‘a kind of optical delusion of consciousness’ by which we think we can function apart from the embrace of another.” We need each other! And in the book of Philippians, Paul argues not only that community helps us, but it is also our witness to Christ outside the church.

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Bulletin July 17, 2016

Sermon Study Questions: Philippians 2:12-18

  1. What makes a healthy community, healthy?
  2. Have you ever been a part of a toxic community? What made it toxic?
  3. What things could you repent of in your own life that have impaired the greater community from being united?
  4. What particular gifts do you have to share with the community to build it up and make it stronger?
  5. If community is our witness, what personal and corporate changes do we need to make to improve our witness to the outside world?


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