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Sermon, Sunday July 24, 2016

“The kingdom, Jesus tells us, is in our very midst, in the mystery of our relationships with each other.

We are within its gates when we draw close to one another with the love that is fired by the Spirit.

We are already on sacred ground when we reach out to understand rather than condemn, when we forgive rather than seek revenge, when as unarmed pilgrims we are ready to meet our enemies.  What Jesus teaches is too simple and too wonderful for those who want magic in their religion.”

– Eugene Kennedy, The Choice to Be Human


Bulletin 07 24 2016

Sermon Study Questions: Philippians 2:19-30

  1. How can you tell if someone takes a “genuine interest” in you (vs. 20)?  What does it take for you to authentically care about others and look out for their interests?
  2. How do the images of “worker” and “soldier” line up with your view of your brothers and sisters in Christ (vs. 25) ?
  3. What makes or breaks a group that requires personal sacrifice for a common goal? What is your experience of such a community?
  4. How has serious illness impacted you? Where do you see God’s mercy in that situation (vs. 27)?
  5. Not all of us have risked our lives “for the work of Christ” (vs. 30). What have you had to give up for Christ and his Church?


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