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Sermon, July 31, 2016

When I first met Colleen I had no idea that in time this person would flip my life upside down. ‘My’ stuff became ‘Our ‘ stuff. I thought she would just think I was amazing (the way I did) and we’d get on with living my life. Not so much.  I had no idea that our lives would be so deeply connected that we would laugh our heads off and cry our eyes dry like we have. In some ways ‘my life’ died August 3, 1991, ‘my life’ gave way to new life. This is what happened, only more so, when Paul ‘met’ Jesus Christ. All the important stuff became much less important and unknown stuff became precious. So it is with ‘knowing Christ’.


Bulletin 07-31-2016

Sermon Study Questions: Philippians 3:1-11

1. What brings you joy these days? Identify one way that you could ‘rejoice in the LORD’?

2. Paul calls some guys ‘dogs’ in this passage. Who were they and why was Paul cautioning the believers about them?
3. Is/Was there something in your life that you thought was super important but now that you’ve met Jesus you realize its just ‘garbage’?
4. Do you have any sense now of sharing in the ‘power of Christ’s resurrection’?
5. What experience have you had in ‘participating in Christ’s sufferings’?