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Sermon, August 21, 2016

When we were kids our folks drove us to Vancouver every second year. That’s a long car ride. One summer my mom decided the trip was a great venue to listen to Zig Ziglar the positive thinking motivation speaker. He was funny to listen to but truth is you can’t hold ‘positive thinking’ together if there isn’t fuel strong enough to keep all that cheerfulness going. Thankfully Jesus is way ahead of Zig on matter of adequate fuel.


Bulletin 08-21-2016

Sermon Study Questions: Philippians 4:8-13

1. What is uppermost in your thoughts these days?
2. How could you change your thinking to include the items named in v. 8?
3. What are you practicing in your Christian faith these days?
4. Paul says that he “learned to be content”. Have you learned that through circumstances in your life? Where is our Lord still working on that in you?
5. Explain v. 13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Does the truth of this verse invite change in your life?