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Sermon, Sunday, September 4, 2016

“My grievance with contemporary society is with its decrepitude.  There are few towering pleasures to allure me, almost no beauty to bewitch me, nothing erotic to arouse me, no intellectual circles or positions to challenge or provoke me, no burgeoning philosophies or theologies and no new art to catch my attention or engage my mind, no arousing political, social, or religious movements to stimulate or excite me,  There are no free men to lead me.  No saints to inspire me. No sinners sinful enough to either impress me or share my plight.  No one human enough to validate the “going” lifestyle.  It is hard to linger in that dull world without being dulled.”

( W.McNamara)

Question, Answer, Statement

Question, Answer, Statement

Cameron Isaac

Pen & Ink

Bulletin 09-04-2016

Sermon Questions Jeremiah 12:1-13 :

  1. Recall a time when you asked God a question. How has He answered you?
  2. What is your reaction to Jeremiah’s complaint (vs.1-4) and his request to God (vs. 3)?
  3. What issues get you all fired up? When have you spoken up to defend a cause or person you care about?
  4. How do you connect with God in day to day routine? How do you  relate to Him differently in times of upheaval?
  5. In vs. 7-13, God says, “I will give the one I love into the hands of her enemies”. How can He “forsake” and “abandon” while remaining a faithful and loving God?