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Sermon, Sunday October 9, 2016


O Temple of The Lord

Bricks and mortar  —  Solid

Architecture, design, and décor  — Stunning

Sunday-go-to-meeting ceremony  —  Uplifting

O People of The Lord

Name-bearers  —  And living up to The Name

Grace-gifted  —  And grace-givers

Abundance-bestowed  —  And blessing-sharers

Success-oriented  —  And seekers of God’s Kingdom

Creation-users  —  And land-stewards

O Child of The Lord

And me…


And Temple – dwelled in

By His Holy Presence


‘Temple’, poetry & photo by: Andy Atkins

Sermon Study Questions: Jeremiah 7:1-15

  1. Explain what it means when a person is “two-faced”. Give an example a being “two-faced” from a movie or your own life.
  2. Two things were NOT lining up for God’s people; their worship words and their lives. What sorts of things were NOT right with their lives?
  3. Their shadowy lives meant that the words they used in worship were hollow or “worthless” (v. 8)  Is there any danger that (y)our words, words we use at (St. Paul’s Leaskdale) could be called worthless?
  4. Find out what you can about Shiloh. Why is Shiloh a chilling reminder to God’s people?
  5. Give an example of someone, from the Bible or elsewhere, who finally got their life to line up with their worship words. How did that come to be?

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