Sermon, Sunday January 8, 2017

Inside Out: Pursuing the Interior Life of Jesus

Over the next few months, on Sunday mornings, we will be going through the book of Mark.  We will be looking at the interior life of Jesus.

Join Pastor Andrew for a Sermon Series study Thursdays at 1 pm in the Fireside Room. All are welcome!



Sermon Study Questions: Mark 1:9-13

  1. If there were 4 zones to describe emotional well-being; RED intense, rage or terror, YELLOW anxious or excitement, GREEN happy and focused, BLUE sad, tired, sick or bored; which zone would best describe you today?
  2. How did the family you grew up in value (or not!) emotions? How were family members treated when they were emotional?
  3. God speaks blessing over Jesus before he preaches a single sermon or performs a single miracle. What does that mean about God’s blessing?
  4. “You are My child, the Beloved, in you I am well pleased”. Sit quietly with that 3-fold blessing for a minute. Which of the three parts sinks deepest into your soul today? Why?
  5. Imagine the Father speaking this over you. What lies would that counter in your thinking? What settledness would that inject into your life? Explain how it works that the blessing IS yours through Jesus.