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Sermon, Sunday January 15, 2017

This week we continue our Series, ‘Inside Out’ in the book of Mark, looking at the interior life of Jesus. inside-out-bulletin-page


Sermon Study Questions: Mark 2:1-12

  1. Explain what it means in v. 5 that Jesus “saw their faith”. How can you ‘see’ faith?
  2. This could have just been a happy miracle story but there was a problem. Who was the problem and what was their problem?
  3. Jesus is not content to let their poisonous insides go undetected. He calls them out. Have you ever been ‘called out’ for having poisonous thoughts?
  4. Which is greater; to forgive sins or to tell a paralyzed person to walk? Why?
  5. Was there ever a time in your life that you moved from muttering (v. 6,7) to amazement (v. 12)? Tell that story.

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