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Sermon, Sunday January 22, 2017

We have a saying around the church, “My feelings are telling me about me.” We often think that our feelings are telling us something about other people; what they’ve done to wrong us, how terribly they’ve treated us, or alternately, how loving and caring someone is. The reality is, that more often than not, our feelings are telling us something about ourselves. And, the truth is, our feelings also tell us something about who God is. Today we continue our sermon series, Inside Out, looking at anger.


Sermon Study Questions: Mark 3:1-6

  1. Has there been a time when you remember being really angry? What makes you angry? Is it warranted?
  2. When you become angry what do you feel? The answer can’t be “Angry.” Think about what other feelings often go along with anger. Are you hurt? etc.
  3. Read Mark 3:1-6. Why does Jesus become angry? Who or what is the object of his anger.
  4. Is Jesus’ anger righteous? If yes, what makes it righteous? If no, why not?
  5. Can our human anger be righteous? What would make it righteous?