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Sermon, Sunday March 19, 2017

Today we continue in our Sermon Series, Inside Out; looking at the Interior life of Jesus. We are working our way through the book of Mark. Today you can follow along in Mark 11:27-33.

Bulletin, Sunday March 19, 2017

Sermon Study Questions: Mark  11:27-33inside-out-2

  1. Describe a coach/boss/parent who used their authority well.
  2. What authority figures  are in your life right now? How do you respond to them?
  3. The religious leaders claimed God was their authority (and that God had given them authority over the Temple) but Jesus exposed the real ‘authority’ in their lives. How did Jesus do that and what became obvious?
  4. Consider your time, your talents (career), your treasure (money) and your relationships. Are you aware of any claim Jesus would have on each of these parts of your life? Which of these is easiest and which is hardest to submit to Jesus as your Authority? Why?
  5. Explain why human beings need authority in their lives, even as adults.