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Sermon, Sunday April 2, 2017

This Sunday we are looking at Mark 13:32-37 as part of our Inside Out Series.

Bulletin, Sunday April 2, 2017

Sermon Study Questions: Mark 13:32-37inside-out-2

  1. In Mark 13:32 Jesus says “I don’t know.” Jesus accepted limits as a human. What limits are aware of in your own life? (They may be health related, financial, emotional, energy, personality wound-related or season of life limits).
  2. Earlier in chapter 13 Jesus did tell the disciples as much as He knew about their question. What do you have to offer? What has God made you good at and how are you living that out?
  3. Having healthy boundaries means you know the difference between what you can and will do and what you can’t or will not do. Pressure to be someone you aren’t creates immense stress. Pressure to make another person feel whole creates more stress. Can you relate to that?
  4. We assume that God uses us best in our strengths. What if God was just as interested in using your limits for His purposes? What would that look like in your life?
  5. Explain how Jesus did His most powerful work at His weakest. What would your church look like if each other’s weakness was held in honour?

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