About St. Paul’s Leaskdale

St. Paul’s Leaskdale is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Located in a rural setting, people from a wide area travel to worship at St. Paul’s Leaskdale . On an average Sunday morning, around 600 gather to worship in two services. The church built new facilities in 2006 and offer it to the community free of charge. During the week, the church facilities are busy with sports activities, community and church groups.

Located on 100 acres of land, St. Paul’s Leaskdale is a member of Canadian Food Grains Bank, with volunteer farmers growing crops to provide food aid around the world.

St. Paul’s Leaskdale’s mission involvements include partnerships in the local community, supported missionaries in various places in the world, and a long-term, short-term team commitment to Hainamosa, Dominican Republic and Lavoute, Haiti.