Welcome to KidZone

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Kidzone Parents

Great resources for grades 1-6 for you to use with your children at home! Visit the harvest table or KidZone welcome table to pick up a package of resources for you to use with your child throughout the month.  GodTime cards and Parent Cues provide guidance for parents to reinforce what’s being taught in KidZone. You will be encouraged with the suggestions about how you can easily and naturally converse with your child about God and faith.

Opportunities to get involved with KidZone 

  • Young People (grades 7-12) do you want to be involved with KidZone on Sunday mornings at 9? There are opportunities with music, tech support, and helping with children.
  • Adults are needed to pray.  Are you willing to commit to the ministry of prayer for KidZone children and leaders?
  • For ages 2 & 3  Do you have a love for little ones?  Would you be willing to offer some time with this age group on Sunday mornings at 9?  We’re building the team of helpers with the ages 2 & 3 class.

Young people. young adults, and older adults, you involvement is very welcome! Contact Sharon Simmonds for more information or to indicate your interest,


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