Sunday Morning Services 9 & 11

Whether you’ve never been to church, or its been a long time since you have gone, you are always welcome.

Our first service starts at 9:00 am.  There is a program for kids ages 2 to grade 6.    The kids go straight to their kidZone program.  When you come in the door, you will see a sign to welcome your children, saying what is happening that Sunday. We always have nursery available for the little ones.

When you come in, we will give you a little handout with updates for the week.  It includes some questions to think about during the message.  You can get a sneak preview here.

The service starts with singing some songs.  The music is great.  

A pastor will read some words from the Bible, and give a message.

After that, we sing again.

When it is over, you grab some refreshments and meet some people.  If you have kids, they join you for that part.

For the 11:00 am service, you can come early and have some refreshments with the first service people … then we do it all over again.

There is nursery for the wee little ones, and kids 2 and up will be with parents in the service.

St. Paul’s Leaskdale

We’re located in the hamlet of Leaskdale, just north of Uxbridge.  Go north on Regional Road #1, just past the corner store in Leaskdale and look right.  We are on a big lot, about 100 metres from the road.

St. Paul’s Leaskdale

P.O Box 104
12251 Regional Road #1,
Leaskdale, ON
L0C 1C0

Phone 905-852-5921

St. Paul’s Leaskdale is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Canada

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